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Jackalopes by ancalinar
My original Jackalopes girl has a friend!
…or maybe at least a teammate.
Jackalopes by ancalinar
Drew a girl. Decided she was going to be a softball player. Needed a team name — girly, yet sporty.
 5 hrs in PS. And she now has a friend.
80s 80s Cheetara by ancalinar

jillamy said: Could I please ask - I have a Tolkien-ish dwarf Minecraft skin and I want to update but it looks a lot like your Dis and I just don't know how to make a dwarf character without making her look the same as others and yeah. :( I was planning on trying to get a commission for her next time you had a sale but TI don't have any money and don't want to ask for a trade because you don't know me and that's rude. Um. Yes. That was all. Bye bye!

Wait what? XD

If your dwarf’s appearance is influenced by my design, please credit me in any manner you can.

If it’s a coincidence that they look similar, and you were in no way inspired by my design, do whatever you want.

Bottom line is I prefer you’re honest with yourself and others. Integrity and dignity are always awesome in my book — and you’re already super-great by contacting me about this. :]


Icecream by ancalinar
Candle by ancalinar

A tiny break from stress.
Tutorial on how I shade faces. by ancalinar

Does what it says on the box, people!
PuG by ancalinar

Loosely inspired by my WoW-playing days — but think of this as actual players wearing their avatars’ gear, rather than a faithful representation of in-game characters… or even faithful representation of their gear.

The story behind this goes something like this.

An arms warrior is jonesing to run a dungeon, but the only person she’s found is a stay-at-home mom leveling her moonkin alt. The warrior is in the process of putting on her ‘tanking’ set to run a dungeon, because she’s sick of waiting on a real tank… and the moonkin druid needs a new pair of britches, because the ‘tank’ is assuming she will heal and is sort of ignoring her explanations that she can’t do a good enough job.

Or something. Obviously this references the ye olde days, before you could toss your name into the PuG-generator machine and had to spam /general for hours to assemble a group.

Read whatever you want into it. :]
Reece, Gideon, Hayden by ancalinar

Last of the commissions from my sale. Big thanks to everyone who participated!!
Playing around with facial shapes and other such stuff.