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And in the final hour I will stand by ancalinar

Now with two more steps!
And in the final hour I will stand by ancalinar

Inspired by an Audioslave song.
Yavanna by ancalinar

Yavanna is part of the pantheon of… essentially gods or god-like beings in the Tolkien universe, and her particular realm are plants things, hence her willowy look, leaves and twigs. She’s described appearing as either a really tall tree, or as a beautiful maiden with golden hair. I think this design melds the two, but there’s a few other ideas I’ve been kicking around re her appearance, closer to the Professor’s descriptions. My goal here was to stay away from the traditional humanoid approach as much as possible here, though… and drawing a tree would’ve been a little bit odd. I hope I found an acceptable balance. :]

The sketches on the left are quite old and more stylised… on the right is a more ‘realistic’ interpretation of her. Which approach do you prefer? There’s things about both which attract me, so I can’t decide myself anymore!

One thing I know is that I really like the butterflies fluttering about her! However, I’m still figuring out how she would move if she’s all roots. The more realistic version has a foot sticking out near the bottom, because… maybe I want to give her feet. Maybe. Still on the fence about that one.
Sketch Sale - Bregga by ancalinar

Bregga and her husband - sketches for Jarahamee on deviantart.
Sketch Sale - Frerin by ancalinar
Pendragonmagicfairy on deviantart asked for sketches of her OC, Frerin.
Author’s description follows:
What if Thorin had a beloved in Erebor? What if he thought she had died, but she didn’t? What if he had a son he knew nothing about? And will Frerin find out what his true lineage is…
This is a story of war: a story of rebellion. But it’s also a story of acceptance… and a story of love.
Read the story here:
And the tumblr here:
Sketch Sale - Jack by ancalinar

Sketches of Jack - for rackthejipper. She spoils me!
Sketch Sale - Keegan by ancalinar

Keegan, for rackthejipper on deviantart - one of three characters commissioned.
Sketch Sale - Koralia by ancalinar

More of the sale, Koralia for silencelabyrinth
Sketch Sale - Teiwa by ancalinar

Sketches of Teiwa for Yunss.
Sketch Sale - Shane by ancalinar

Part of the sketch page sale. Shane, one of three commissions for rackthejipper on deviantart.